The new year is underway, momentum is hopefully picking up, and you are looking ahead with eager anticipation, right?

Who is going to be most successful this year?   Who is going to have the most sales motivation?

If I were a betting man, I would say that those who will be successful in sales are those who are most passionate — and are willing to back up that passion with the skills and decisions that lead to phenomenal sales numbers.

3 Ways to Become More Passionate About Sales:

1.  Stop thinking that passion is only reserved for those who are exuberant.

I sometimes meet salespeople who are off the charts with energy.  Everything about their demeanor clearly conveys they aren’t just extroverted, they thrive off of being outwardly positive and revved up.

It’s easy to think that these are the only salespeople who are “passionate” about what they do.

That’s simply not true.

Passion is demonstrated by a strong conviction that what you are doing truly makes a difference. It’s about carrying yourself with integrity no matter the situation and genuinely striving to understand  your customer’s needs and desires.

Let go of this idea that your personality — whether it be calm or ecstatic — dictates how passionate you are.  I’ve met extroverts who are passionate and introverts who are passionate.

If you are in sales and you want to be more passionate, embrace the positive impact your product or service is making on countless lives.   Believe in what you offer and believe in your price.

2. Reflect on the sales where everything just clicked.

Some people call it being in the zone.  Each salesperson typically can recall a particular customer or a particular sale where everything seemed to flow smoothly and the outcomes were great for the salesperson and the customer.  Hopefully you can recall quite a few incidents like this.

Reflect on your best customers and best sales.  Keep notes on these so that you have an entire notebook you can revisit regularly.   End each day thinking about a sale that went very well that day (or if you didn’t have one that day, then pull out your notebook and read through it).

3. Pay close attention to your life outside of work.

What is it that rejuvenates you when you are away from work?  I’m not saying that work itself can’t be rejuvenating; I’m just pointing out that for most people, there is a hobby or activity or something in their personal life that brings them great joy.

Sometimes, what you love to do outside of your sales job can help you become more passionate about sales.  If you connect that achieving your sales numbers equips you to do more of what you love when you’re away from work, then it will be easier to become more passionate.

Being passionate in sales spills over into passion outside of work, and vice versa.

Make it your goal to become more passionate about sales.   These 3 ways are just a few suggestions.  What other suggestions would you add to the list?

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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