Sales begins with you, not your customer. 

If you can begin with these three things, you will be successful in sales. But if you don’t believe in yourself, your process, and your ability to help your customer, success will be difficult for you. 

1. Believe in yourself 100%.

Too many salespeople don’t believe in themselves. They don’t have enough confidence, and if you don’t have enough confidence, how do you ever expect your customers to buy into what you say? 

Belief in yourself means that you have the ability and the skillset to inspire confidence in you. Now, that’s not to be confused with arrogance. But you know that you’re capable of making things happen. 

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2. Be committed to your process. 

So many salespeople just throw a bunch of darts against the wall. Whatever sticks today is what they work on. Instead, you have to have a process and be committed to it. Don’t make it elaborate, keep it simple. 

I have found that you can have a process, but unless you believe in yourself, you won’t execute the process. This is absolutely fundamental and I can’t stress it enough. 

3. Know that you can help your customer. 

You must have an unwavering commitment that you can help your customer. Notice I did not say your product—the sale doesn’t begin with your product. 

So many salespeople are afraid to reach out to somebody. If you have the ability to help someone, you owe it to them to reach out. Think about the power of that. 

Remember, it all begins with you. I want to spend the first 15 minutes a day preparing myself. Don’t jump into a customer, rather prepare yourself first, prepare your process, and know how you’re going to help the customer.

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