Here are two things you must know to kickstart the New Year:

      • If you think you’re good, it may prevent you from becoming great!
      • Failure can be a foundation for becoming great.

You may have had a very good year. If so, congratulations!

But at the same time, don’t think for a moment 2014’s performance will dictate the results you achieve in 2015.

I admit that I’m one who can become complacent with being good.  I’m not saying that to be arrogant, but I’m willing to admit it because it’s fact and I suspect it is for many others.

Challenge is when we think we’re good, we start coasting and fail to push ourselves to the next level.

If being good is good, then how much better are things when they’re great? The question is not flippant; it’s serious and it deserves serious debate in your mind.

How is merely being good impacting your perspective on pushing yourself to the next level? 

So what about failure?  Where does it fit into kickstarting your plans?

My mom told me time and time again as a kid that I learn far more from a mistake than from when I do something correct a hundred times.   Little did I realize how smart my mom was!

The beautiful thing about failure is there is nowhere to go but up.  When we fail — and believe me, I’ve failed at more than my fair share of endeavors — it’s amazing how we see things we’ve never seen before.

We use the failure to create the impetus we need to improve and drive us toward being great.

I’m not saying let’s rush out and fail, but we should be willing to take some risks and learn quickly from the ones that result in failure.

Looking back over the year, I see things I failed in, and my challenge now is to use the failure not merely as a springboard to become good, but rather a booster rocket to become great.

What have you learned from your failures? More importantly, how are you using what you learned to move you forward to become great?

Resolve to be kickstarted into the new year!  There is a lot of truth in the saying that the only thing holding you back is yourself!

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