Sales Motivation QuotesI count it a privilege and an honor to share with thousands of salespeople each week through my blog, website, videos, speeches and training programs.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a number of sales motivation quotes.  My problem has been I’ve always thrown them out there one or two at a time.

Below are 10 of them all together! (I’ll be sharing more in an upcoming post tomorrow).

If there is one thing I value most about sales it is the ability to interact with so many people.  Regardless of the market you sell to, take a moment and reflect on the number of people with whom you come in contact — sometimes just once, other times on a regular basis.



This to me is worth the thrill of sales — the ability to share with others and learn something new with each person I meet.

A person’s level of sales motivation is driven by how they feel internally. Sure, this is certainly impacted by external factors, but in the end, sales motivation is what the individual salesperson makes it out to be.

10 Sales Motivation Quotes to Get You Going…

1. Sales is leadership, leadership is sales.

2. With each person we meet, our goal is to earn the right, privilege, honor and respect to meet with that person again.

3. We influence each person we meet. Our goal is to influence them positively.

4. Our customers don’t care about our problems, they care about their problems

5. Customers are buying confidence. It’s up to us to show it.

6. We never know when the next phone call made will open the door to the biggest sale made.

7. Customer satisfaction is what our customer’s choose to believe — it’s not what we expect.

8. Our customers determine your level of success.

9. Measure your success not on the level of profit you’re making today, but on the level of the referrals you’re getting today.

10. The only good sale is one that leads to the next sale.

Check back tomorrow when I share more sales motivation quotes to get you going!

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