Too many people struggle with prospecting. I’m here to help.

There are some basic rules you need to get right. To win at prospecting, here are my Top 10 insights to the game.

1. Prospects don’t care. 

Until you show an interest in them, there’s no reason for them to show an interest in you. 

If you’re prospecting by just throwing messages out there, nobody’s going to respond. 

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2. Thinking about a prospect is not prospecting. 

An average performer could spend all day getting ready to prospect, doing research, but they never actually pick up the phone and make the call. 

Prospecting requires action. Just pick up the phone.

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3. Repetition wins the game. 

One call or one email isn’t going to do a thing. It requires repetition. However, you must make sure that your messages are different. Just sending the same message out time and time again is not going to do anything. 

Repetition of the same thing will get you the same thing—no results.

4. Know your market. 

Who are you calling? Who are you reaching out to? This is so critically important. 

What do you know about their industry? Their demographics? You’ve got to understand that because, again, prospects don’t care about you until you’ve shown an interest in them. 

5. Be disciplined. 

It is so easy to fall off the bandwagon with prospecting. There are a dozen things fighting for your attention. 

Discipline is the single biggest reason why some people make it prospecting and others don’t.

6. Follow up.

You may get one conversation with a prospect and you think, wow, this is going to become my next great customer. Then you never hear from them again. 

You’ve got to create follow-up messages that are tuned to their needs, not about what you have to sell.

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7. Powerful CTAs, calls to action.

Every message you send has got to have a call to action. Don’t leave customers hanging, make the decision for them. You have to get them involved with you, and you do that with a CTA.


8. Your mindset. 

If you don’t have the right mindset, you can go through all the actions you want, and you won’t see any results at all. I guarantee it, because your customers, your prospects will see through that. 

Your mindset will defeat you if it’s not right. What is the right mindset? To go out there and make a difference because prospecting is about helping others see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible. Anchor your mindset on that.  

Likewise, if you know you can make a difference in somebody’s life, you have an obligation to reach out to them. Let those two pieces sink into your mind, and it’ll make a difference in how you prospect.

9. Focus on the outcomes, not the product.

The customers don’t want your product. They don’t want your service. What they are looking for are solutions.

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10. Your personality. 

You have to let your personality come through. This is not a robot situation. You have to allow the customer to see who you are. In fact, when you let your personality come through, it’s amazing how much more relaxed you are.

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