Let’s be nice here.

Nobody wants to view themselves as a bad salesperson, so for the sake of this discussion, answer the below questions as if you were helping out a friend.

Ask your friend…

1. Are you afraid to ask for an order because you might hear “no” from the customer?

2. Are you hesitant to return a phone call to a customer or prospect because you’re not sure what they might ask?

3. Do you make up stupid excuses as to what you need to be doing so you don’t need to make your prospecting phone calls?

4. Do you hang around with other low-performing salespeople and complain about your boss?

5. Do you feel the reason you can’t close more sales is because your price is too high?

6. Do you feel customers tend to be stupid?

7. Do you spend too much time with existing customers?

8. Do you waste time doing stupid stuff instead of what you should be doing?

9. Do you think your goals are a waste of time?

10. Do you think the reason you’re not more successful is because of the economy or simply because customers aren’t buying?

It’s time to get real.

There’s no need for an answer sheet for you to compare how your “friend” would respond to these questions.  It’s time to get serious and step up the game and quit placing blame on everyone and everything but you.

I’m amazed at the successful salespeople I encounter who are selling things for which the average person would think there is no widespread need.  At the same time, I’m shocked at the number of struggling salespeople I meet who are selling things that everybody needs.

Success in sales is not about what you sell. Success in sales is about how you sell.

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