What are the priorities you’re working on today and what is influencing you?

Are you being influenced by balanced insights or what I refer to as “bubble thinking?”

“Bubble thinking” is a term I use to refer to beliefs or expectations that arise based on the fact everyone else is believing the same thing.

We see “bubbles” in real estate, commodities, etc., where the end result is disaster for the majority of people involved.

Remember the phrase everyone was talking about a few years ago —  “peak oil”?   That phrase/belief came about because everyone was led to believe the world was on the verge of running out of oil.  Today, that concept is seen as irrelevant due to the boom in energy drilling, etc.

Challenge is it’s very easy to get swept up in “bubble thinking,” and we then begin to adjust our priorities and focus our time based on our bubble thinking.

Best thing we can do is to monitor bubble thinking, but to not let it impact our thinking.  In fact, one of the best ways to deal with bubble thinking is to be doing the exact opposite.

Think of this as being similar to an investment strategy.  Long-term investors embrace this approach, so it only makes sense we use the same approach with our own priorities.

Set your goals and your priorities and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by bubble talk.

Go back just a couple of years ago when the economy was soft and the bubble thinking was things will never get better.  Remember the people who were doing nothing but slashing their investment in sales and marketing?  Those same people are today scrambling to catch up.

Problem is their bubble thinking proved to be a limiting factor.

Leaders who didn’t get caught up in that bubble idea are growing their sales much faster now, and for many, their growth is due to others buying into a bubble idea.

Look long-term. Don’t get swayed by the latest bubble idea. You’re much better than that.

Leadership is not doing what everyone else is doing. Leadership is doing what you should be doing.

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