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Sales Leadership and the Questions You Ask

How well do your questions push the customer’s thinking? Sales leadership is about the customer seeing you differently than every other salesperson. If all you do is ask the basic questions that they’ve already been asked a thousand times, how will you stand out? Sales

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The Problem With Assumptions

Do not assume anything! This is easy to say, but sometimes tough to do in the moment. It can seem painless to make an assumption from reading someone’s email, but the real question is what is your assumption, and is it correct? That is where

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Sales Leadership and Your Image/Reputation

If you were to ask somebody to describe you in one word, what would they say? How different would their word be from how you describe yourself? Your reputation is your equity. Often, it is the reason the customer responds to or ignores you. The

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Is Sales an Investment or an Expense?

How you answer this question determines how you view the customer. Tesla recently announced that they were going to close their stores, move sales online and in doing so be able to cut their prices by 6%. You would probably say that this is an

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