The Insanity of Discounting Your Price

Low Price is not a Marketing Strategy

The Insanity of Discounting Your Price

Whether you team is discounting too much, struggling to implement a price increase or facing other pricing challenges in today’s economic landscape, Mark Hunter, CSP, “The Sales Hunter,” is the foremost thought leader in helping organizations eradicate poor pricing behavior and drive top line and bottom line profits.

Discounting your price is not a sustainable strategy. In fact, it’s not even a viable quarter-end strategy.

Sample of Subjects Covered:

  • Low Pricing is Not a Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • C+C=C=O=P
  • The Reality of a Discount / Price Increase
  • Value Equation
  • Finding Value / Building “Added Value” Benefits
  • Value Propositions
  • Risk Factor Worksheet
  • ROI Driven Presentations
  • Cost Conversion Assessment
  • Solution Saving — The ROI
  • Profit / Outcome Focused Questions
  • Rules of Pricing
  • Responding to Common Pricing Issues
  • Pricing Excuses
  • Dealing with a Purchasing Department

Additional resources you may wish to include for your audience:

  • High-Profit Prospecting book
  • High-Profit Prospecting workbook
  • High-Profit Prospecting video series

Who will benefit from this program?

Companies / Sales Teams:

  • Companies and sales teams that have relied on price discounts to close deals too frequently.
  • Perfect for sales teams that operate in a commodity or price sensitive type of industry.

Association Audiences:

  • Excellent for associations that have members in commodity or price-sensitive types of industries.
  • Great program for audiences that work globally and have to compete in a wide number of global markets where price is viewed differently.

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