Recently I shared 7 things the top 1% of all prospectors do and then I shared the next 5 secrets that they do.

Today I am sharing secrets 13-20.

13. Heavy use of the telephone, knowing the ability to have a live conversation will move a prospect forward faster than anything else.

This is the one item I’ve found that blocks many salespeople from moving to the top 1% when it comes to prospecting.  The top 1% use the telephone as their “go to” tool.  They know the value of conversation in being able to move a prospect forward fast.  Regardless of what some will say, the telephone works and works well.

14. Social media presence, but not overly dependent on it.

Everyone by now should know the need to have a social media profile, but what many don’t realize is life does not revolve around social media!

Top performers use it to find insights and share quick thoughts, but they know how quickly social media can become a time trap.  The best performers spend no more than 10 minutes a day on social media sites to gather information. They use non-selling time (i.e., the weekends) to do the “social” in social media.

15. Goal oriented to the point of being obsessed.

There are goals your manager sets and there are goals you set for yourself.  Top performers push past the company goals. They’re driven by one thing — their goals. And they will not allow anything to stand in their way.  One other note about their personal goals. They’re personal because nobody else would believe them. They are extravagant!

16. Committed to the customer and their needs, not only to what they have to sell.

They understand if they fail to uncover the real needs of the customer, they have little chance of being successful. They know the long-term value of every customer and they know by taking care of them is the only way they will be able to achieve the long-term value of the customer. It’s all part of the long-game to which the 1% subscribe.

17. A marketing plan to remain in touch with those not actively in the prospecting or buying cycle.

The 1% know their most valuable asset is their time, and they know they can’t waste it with those who will not become customers in a timely manner.  To help them do this, they know they need a tool to allow them to remain in touch with those who won’t buy in a timely manner.

18. Ownership of their process.

“Pass no blame” is the mantra of the 1%.  Regardless of the situation, they know they’re in charge and they accept full responsibility.  With this attitude, they are able to move faster and be more responsive to the marketplace than the average salesperson.  By living by this standard, they attract higher-value prospects who also follow the same belief.

19. Unwavering optimistic attitude.

Life is full of ups and downs. Each day brings new opportunities and new challenges.  Those at the top of the game look at life differently, and by looking at life differently they see things differently.

The optimistic approach to life allows them to minimize the challenges and maximize each opportunity.

20. Prospecting is not activity the top 1% do. It’s a lifestyle they live.

Every top 1% prospector I meet is obsessed with prospecting.  To them it’s not something they even have to think about; it’s something they’re always doing.

If it’s not prospecting for themselves, it’s connecting other people together who can form a win-win relationship. Either way it’s about helping people see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible.  The lifestyle approach to prospecting is the fuel that drives their success.

There you go! You now have the 20 things the top 1% of prospectors do. The first 7 things are at this link and the next 5 things are at this link.

Review the list. How many of the 20 do you feel you do well?  How many do you feel you feel short on?

Don’t take the list and allow yourself to become discouraged. Instead, take the list and view it as a challenge.  Take one item at a time, determine what you need to do, create a plan, set a goal and go!

Let me know what you think of the list. Reach out with your questions.  I have one goal — I want to help you become a member of the 1%!

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