Let’s cut to the chase and put it on the table with regards to prospecting.

You want to up your game, but you’re stuck for any number of reasons when it comes to prospecting.  In my role I get to meet with thousands of salespeople every year, whether it be in my coaching program, a keynote speech I’m delivering or a training program I’m giving.

Name any excuse for not prospecting and I can guarantee I’ve heard it.  So let’s not deal with excuses today. Let’s deal with what the top 1% are doing to prospect.

The list I’m sharing has taken me years to build out, and yes, it’s morphed with changes in technology, communication and the role millennials play in the workforce.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing with you more of what makes the top 1% the top 1%.

Below are the first 7 items:

1. Commitment to prospecting, regardless what else needs to be done. The top 1% never view prospecting as an activity they’ll get to when they have time. It’s at the top of the list, as they know they have to continually prospect to keep their pipeline full.

2. Focus on quality leads, not just a list. Too much time is wasted prospecting people who never will buy. The top 1% ask the tough questions up front to help them validate each lead to gauge better its value.

3. Persistence that goes beyond what anyone else will do. Persistence can range from continually reaching out to the high-value prospect who has gone dark to never giving up on to the lead who has never responded.

4. Multiple processes that fit each segment they prospect. Unlike most salespeople who have one process they try to fit everyone in to, the top 1% have 3 to 4 processes they use depending on the prospect.  Multiple processes allow them to use their prospecting time more successfully.

5. Don’t rely on Marketing for leads. The top 1% are many times skeptical of leads that come from Marketing, as they value far more the leads they generate themselves.

6. Embrace technology, but don’t let it control them. Top 1% see the value in using technology and have a solid sales stack, but as much as they use it, they do not allow it to control them.  They know sales is still an emotional activity that requires human interaction, and the best decisions are many times those made by gut instinct.

7. Commitment to help others that goes beyond their customers. Those in the top 1% value relationships and their network. They are continually putting themselves into a position to help others.  In their drive to help others, they fully expect nothing in return, but do it because they know it’s the right thing to do.

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