As promised in my post 10 Sales Motivation Quotes to Get You Going, here is my follow-up with 14 more my sales motivation quotes.

As you look to make this month one of your best, consider these for sales motivation and inspiration.

11.  “The level of profit you make on a sale will reflect the level of confidence you had going into the call.”

12.  “Your competitor is not you. Don’t try to be like them.”

13.  “Don’t spend time to save money. Spend money to buy time.”

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14.  “Sales is a contact sport. It takes contact to make sales.”

15.  “We are our customer’s research and development department.”

16.  “The best sales presentation is the sales presentation never given.”

17.  “Sales is having the desire to succeed and the passion to serve.”

18.  “Thinking about a prospect is not prospecting.  Prospecting starts when you make the call.”

19.  “Our level of success will never be greater than our customer’s level of success.”

20.  “‘No’ is never permanent.”

21.  “Regardless of what I’m selling, what the customer is buying first is me.”

22.  “Attitude will trump knowledge on any sales call.”

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23.  “Sales is not about selling; it’s about enabling the customer to benefit from what we’re providing.”

24. “Selling is about helping our customers achieve something they did not think was possible.”

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