I hope you’ve been putting into action the  8 Ways to Increase Your Sales Motivation.

Are you eliminating negative people from your life, celebrating your successes each day, leveraging your best customers, playing to your strengths, focusing your time and aligning with other motivated people?

Here is another way to increase your sales motivation and improve your selling skills:

7. Think long-term.

Thinking long-term allows you to see past the short-term issues you are facing.

Thinking long-term allows you to see things strategically.  Everyone deals with issues — highly motivated people effectively navigate short-term issues while remaining diligently focused on long-term goals and opportunities.  It takes discipline, but if you want sales motivation that is not easily sent off track and if you want to master high-profit selling, then you must think long term.

Are you short or long?

Nothing can destroy the mind faster than failing to see things in a long-term perspective.   When we become too consumed on the short-term obstacles and difficulties, we lose sight of the overall objective we were setting out to accomplish in the first place.

Salespeople struggle with this all the time. It’s very easy to have a day that does not go well.  All it takes is for a few sales calls to not come off as planned, and without any additional prompting, the salesperson can quickly descend into a deep funk.

If you don’t stay focused on the long-term goal, you can very easily allow the results of a single day to shape your mind for an entire week, month, or even quarter.

Students of history are the best at understanding the impact of long-term thinking.  History is full of lessons where the long-term actions of an individual or group led to far better results than the short-term actions by others.

Could you imagine what would have happened to NASA if they had allowed the failures they had early in the space program to shut NASA down?

Apple would never be the company it is today if they had allowed the defeats they had at the hands of Microsoft in the early days of personal computing to shut them down.

The most successful things do not come through luck or quick ideas.  The most successful ideas come through a considerable amount of time and energy being applied in a unified manner to achieve a long-term goal.

What is your long-term goal?

What are you doing to achieve it?

What are you learning from the short-term issues or obstacles you face to help you stay on track long-term?

Great goals are not quick goals.

By keeping your thinking on the long-term, you’ll be in a much better position to create results that last and less likely to allow yourself to be derailed from short-term obstacles.  The pay off is tremendous and will be reflected in your sales motivation — and your profits.

Tune in next Friday when we look closer at the 8th way to increase your sales motivation!

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