We are cruising on through my more in-depth explanation of the  8 Ways to Increase Your Sales Motivation.

So far we’ve explored…

eliminating negative people from your life

celebrating your successes each day

leveraging your best customers

playing to your strengths

focusing your time.

Here is the 6th way you can increase your sales motivation:

6. Align with other motivated people

You become who you associate with.  Just as you can’t allow yourself to associate with negative people, it is just as important to associate with highly motivated people.  Highly motivated people will help motivate you.

In fact, I believe the secret to sustained sales motivation is really rather simple: Hang with the right people!

Who are hanging out with?

Successful people hang out with successful people.

I hate to say it, but we all have people in our lives with whom we should not be spending time.  Although I like to think I only spend time with other highly-motivated people, I too occasionally run into “less than motivated” individuals who do nothing but suck my time and mind.

I can think of a few people in particular who are quick to call me and quick to want together.  The problem is they do nothing but complain. They complain about anything and everything, and in the end, I find myself fighting to keep my mind in a positive state.

If you have people like this in your life, cut them out. Quickly.

One of the best ways to attract successful, highly-motivated people to your world is for you to be one too.  Again I’ll share my own experiences.  The more positive I am in my communication with others, the more I attract other more positive people.

In fact I have several key individuals with whom I have zero business relationship, but we offer each other a boost to our positive attitudes.  If a person were to evaluate my time, they would say I should not be spending time with these people because they can’t do anything directly for my business.  However, I see these people as incredibly valuable to my business success because of their positive, successful outlook.

I come away from these meetings feeling charged and excited and I hope they come away from the meeting feeling the same way.

Who can you find in your current circle with whom you could meet on a regular basis to help charge each other’s batteries?

Who are others outside of your circle you could bring into your circle?

Set aside minimally one hour per week to spend time with other highly motivated and successful people.  I recommend the one hour to be Monday morning as a way to start the week.

If you haven’t already, check out the original post on 8 Ways to Increase Your Sales Motivation, as well as the other links as well: eliminating negative people from your life, celebrating your successes each day, leveraging your best customers, playing to your strengths, and focusing your time.

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