This is part 2 of my expansion on the 8 Ways to Increase Your Sales Motivation.

(You can read part 1, which shows why you need to eliminate negative people from your life).

The second way to increase your sales motivation?

2. Celebrate your success each day.

Everyday there is something you can celebrate. End each day celebrating the most significant event of the day.  Nothing will destroy your sales motivation faster than allowing yourself to dwell on the negative.

It’s very simple — Positive people create positive opportunities.   Using your success of the day to help prepare you for the next day will help build your positive outlook.

Celebrate and party each day. You deserve it!

Everyday good stuff happens — it just does!  The unfortunate thing is many times we don’t see it, and because we don’t see it, we have a hard time believing anything is going well.

For salespeople this can be especially troublesome.  I’m a firm believer that success creates success.  When we’re feeling things are going well, we have a different outlook on things and, more importantly, in how we think.  When we’re feeling good, we are much better thinkers and certainly much better communicators.

Obviously, the reverse is true as well. When we are not feeling good about the job we’re doing, this tends to have a negative impact on how we think and what we say.

Each day it’s important to reflect back on the day and focus on the most successful thing you had occur.  It might be a sale or it might be something as small as being able to leave what you felt was a great voicemail message.  What is important is you end your day feeling positive about something you did.

By celebrating your success, you’ll be in a much better position to think clearer and communicate better the next day.

You can take this one step further and record your success each day in a notepad.

By recording your success each day, within a few months you’ll have a great tool you can use to personally boost your sales motivation. On any given day, if you’re not feeling great, you can merely go back to the notepad and see some of the things you have accomplished.  When you review the list of things you’ve personally achieved, you’ll find yourself being much more motivated to deal with whatever it is you have before you.

The beautiful thing about celebrating your success each day is it allows you yourself to do the motivating.   Bigger yet is over time you begin to see what it is you can achieve, and this can’t help but boost your sales motivation.

The final reason why I like this is by maintaining this habit on a continual basis, you’ll be able to see firsthand what things you did to power your way out of a slump. In my work as a consultant to thousands of salespeople on the subject of sales motivation, I’ve found this simple action to be one of the most impactful tactics a salesperson can do to power their way out of a slump.

You also will find what things you did to stay on top of the pack. In both cases you’ll be learning from yourself.

Choose today to do what you can to strengthen your sales motivation.

(And don’t forget to read part 1!)

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