Recently I wrote about 8 Ways to Increase Your Sales Motivation.

You really can’t have too much sales motivation. What’s great is that the more you incorporate these habits into your life, the payout just keeps compounding.

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to expand on each of the 8 Ways.

Want to get increase your sales motivation?  Well, you need to get rid of something first.

1. Eliminate the negative people in your life.

Don’t associate with anyone who is a negative voice in your life. It’s amazing how people who are negative can drag other people into their world.  These people might be friends, business associates, and even family members. Whoever they are, you need to eliminate or at least minimize the amount of time you spend with them.

Losers are just that — Losers!

Some people are just not happy, or I should say they’re not happy until they’ve made others around them just as unhappy as they are.

You know the people I’m talking about. They are the ones who complain about everything, and many times we can spot them a mile away.  I don’t need to tell you the importance of staying away from these people, but what I do need to do is to warn you about the negative people you don’t see but are still in your life.

These people are the ones who quietly complain about why something doesn’t work or any number of other things.  These are the real losers because they very quietly turn everyone around them into seeing things negatively.

The example I like to use in showing people the power of negative people is to take a clear jug of water and simply add a couple of drops of food coloring.  Notice how all of the water changes color.  There isn’t one part of the clear water that is not impacted by the food coloring.  Same thing with negative people in your world.

The only way to deal with it is to eliminate them completely because they’re simply losers.  These people may not walk around with the giant loser symbol hanging from their neck but they still have it as a tattoo hidden beneath their clothing.

Yes, cutting loose of some people with whom you normally associate can be tough, but it’s even tougher if you continue to associate with them and are not able to earn the income you need.  It’s tough if you’re not able to do the job you’re able to do. It’s just plain tough!

One problem is the negative people you need to cut out of your life come at you in many different ways.  Yes, they might be co-workers, neighbors and others but they are just as likely to be a radio announcer you listen to or a news reporter you watch.

They come in all different shapes and sizes but the result is all the same — their negativity reduces your ability to be the positive person you need to be.

If you doubt me, then think for just a moment about the couple of drops of food coloring added to a container of water.

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