Do you sell a physical product? Your role as a salesperson is still to behave as if you’re a service company.

The first step in breaking the paradigm of features and benefits is to view what you sell as a service.  Recently I was working with a group of very seasoned salespeople who sold very premium products in their respective industry.  I was shocked at how hard of a time they were having in breaking the habit of talking about all the wonderful features of their product.

It wasn’t until I got them thinking in terms of the service they provide that I could even begin to get them to see the benefits of what they had to offer.   In the end, what you produce is a benefit — it’s not a product. The sooner you can see that and more importantly learn how to communicate your benefits, the more successful you will be.

Viewing what you sell as a service will also help to change your perspective about the role you play in the sales process.  It’s essential to realize that regardless if you’re selling B to B, or B to C, your customers are buying confidence, and confidence starts with you.   The reason confidence is so important is because the more confidence the customer has in something, the more they will be willing to pay for it.

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