Broadcast is likely dead (or dying) and it has been replaced with “mecast” instead.

The only people who don’t know “broadcast” is dead are those people still working in broadcast media like NBC, USA Today, Westwood One, etc.  Unfortunately, people have been advocating we’ve moved from broadcast to narrowcast. I know I was saying this for years, based on the premise we no longer receive 10 channels on our television; we now receive 110 (or more) channels.  However, it’s now 2010 and it’s time even for narrowcast to say goodbye. We need to start using the term “mecast.”  This simply means we are all now a network of one.

Today we get our news through mediums we choose to filter, whether they be news websites or social media (like Facebook and Twitter) or the use of RSS feeds.   All of this means that not only is our news coming to us in highly specialized manners, but so are our marketing messages.

For us in sales, this means we have to be much more selective in how we choose to market our message. More importantly, we have to be much more cognizant as to how our message can get turned and twisted by others with whom we don’t come in contact.  Obviously, you can’t control 100% of your message all of the time. If this was the case, then BP wouldn’t be dealing with the pr mess they are in with regard to the spill in the gulf.  In fact, this is a perfect example of how “mecast”  works. Rather than relying on any single news source to find out what I want to know, I can troll the web and in less than a minute or two receive half a dozen updates from a variety of sources providing me the information I want to hear. It certainly is not always the news BP wants me to hear. This is the reason why anyone in sales has to at least be aware of what people on the web are saying about you and your products or services.

Many people are making decisions based upon what they receive through various channels. And even when they aren’t making decisions, they are at least drawing conclusions based on what they’re choosing to read, view, or listen to.

What is the web saying about you and what do you need to do to craft that message better? A big part of sales motivation is being wise enough to control what you can and to let go of what you can’t control.

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