The first half of 2010 is gone.  It’s time to assess where you’re at with your goals and your sales motivation.   Take time to look at your goals and find those areas where you’ve done well — either you’re on track or ahead of plan.  Congratulate yourself!  You have worked hard and deserve to appreciate it.  Ask yourself what did  to achieve success.  Ask yourself how you can keep that same level of success going forward and more importantly how you can build on it even more.

If you’re not where you want to be with your 2010 goals, congratulate yourself for finding out now and not ignoring your goals until it’s too late.  Even if you’re behind, there are still things you can assess, feel proud of and build upon.  One item I always tell salespeople is no matter how far behind you may feel, you can always turn it around with just one phone call or one email.  This is what makes sales so much fun!  In fact that’s why I say sales is so similar to sports.   You can be behind and close to losing, and suddenly you find yourself scoring the winning goal or key  basket.

After you’ve had a chance to celebrate your success and assess what you’ve learned in the first half of the year, then it’s time to start breaking down your numbers for the back half of the year. Determine what it is going to take to not just hit 100% of your goal, but instead to hit 110% or some number above 100%.

It’s important to have your plan geared to having you achieve more than your goal. This gives you cushion and allows for those last minute variances that can pop up near the end of the year.   The whole purpose of planning it out now and breaking down the goals into smaller pieces is to avoid you from entering the month of December having to do stupid things to make your number.   When I mean stupid, I mean those things that hurt your profit either short-term or long-term.   2010 has the potential for everyone to be a great year. It’s merely our job to go out and do it.

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