It is not unusual for sales reps within an office to congregate with same people on the team. Whether it’s going to lunch together or simply talking because your desks are close, you may find yourself always interacting with the same peers.

Here’s the question you need to consider: Are these peers having a positive or negative impact on your sales motivation? If the impact is positive (and you are a positive influence on them), great! But if the impact on your sales motivation is negative, beware. We underestimate how negative comments and attitudes can affect our own motivation in subtle ways, whether it be a negative attitude toward your company or just a general feeling that you and your peers can’t possibly have great sales success.

Now I recognize that if some of your peers are negative, you probably can’t completely remove yourself from their presence (heck, maybe your desk is next to theirs). But here’s what you can do: Make a concerted effort to limit your interaction with them by at times purposely interacting with people who are more positive. Also, be accountable for your own attitude and take intentional steps to fuel your motivation in positive ways, whether it be what you read, listen to or seek out.

Don’t let your peers drag you down. Your sales success deserves to be spared from that type of sacrifice.

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