Many people do not like change, especially if the changes are ones they need to make within themselves or their sales processes. If you find yourself in this situation, you may find that you quickly resist initiating and embracing needed changes. The key is to start slowly by doing such things as challenging yourself to find one new opportunity each week. Then challenge yourself to find a new way to respond to it and capitalize on it.

Here’s the deal: By working through new opportunities, you will begin to condition yourself to see things from fresh perspectives. That’s huge! You will find new techniques for making the most of challenges, so your level of confidence and sales motivation will naturally increase. People who are extremely rigid and lack the humility to admit that they and their sales process have room for improvement also lack confidence. Therefore, despite how positive they might be on the outside, they are operating from a place of insecurity. They will never be able to achieve the level of “top performer,” because they won’t be able to maximize opportunities that arise when they least expect them to.

But you’re not that type of person, right? You are the type who not only wants to be a top performer, but also has what it takes to get there. Build into your daily process the willingness to recognize where you can improve. You will see a difference in your sales motivation!

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