Social media is skyrocketing in its use. And I admit it has been a great way to connect with people and learn helpful information. But has it replaced your use of the phone? I hope not. Here are a few reasons why you should continue to also use the phone to connect with others:

1. Electronic media is fairly one-dimensional (with the exception of video conferencing). Email and postings are limited in how well they can convey tone and emotion. If you are excited to share something, why not pick up the phone and call the person (at least when this is possible, which is probably more often than we realize)?

2. A phone conversation can often trigger other sharing of information because it is more interactive. Something you say may compel the person to whom you are talking to share something that you will find interesting or helpful and vice versa.

3. Phone calls force us to keep our verbal and conversational skills sharp. We can’t let the increased use of social media to let us neglect the skills that are so crucial personally and professionally…being able to carry on a conversation, listen effectively, respond accordingly, and recognize various vocal cues.

So, continue to hone your social media skills, but not so much that you really let your phone skills slide. And certainly never let social media interaction replace interaction that should only happen via the phone (or in person), such as delivering vital account information, announcing upcoming changes, and asking crucial questions.

There are ample opportunities to increase your phone skills. I offer these: Phone Sales Tips When Contacting Customers, 14 Tips to Successful Cold Calling, and 15 Tips to Voice Mail Survival.

Any other phone skills you find work best for you? Please email me at mark@thesaleshunter.com.

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