Your sales motivation is not driven by the state of the economy. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. No matter what happens to the economy, it has zero impact on your sales. The only reason you could say the economy is impacting your business is if you have 100% of the business in your industry and you have absolutely no opportunity to expand your business into another industry / service. If that’s the case, then if the economy is down by a certain percentage, you have a valid point. Unless you’re at 100%, though, then sorry — you don’t have an excuse.

Yes, the economy has taken away some opportunities, but that does not mean it has taken all of the opportunities. Your level of sales motivation will drive the number of opportunities you encounter. The opportunities are there. You merely have to go find them, and that means you will have to do more networking, ask better questions, and use your time even more effectively.

Don’t worry about what the economists are saying about the economy. For you and your company, it’s a great time to be selling. Go out and make it happen.

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