Time creates or destroys value. That being the case, spend your time wisely.

This is one of those comments that gets people thinking. It’s for that reason why I like it so much. Time is the only finite value, and for salespeople it’s something that is too quickly forgotten about until we’re in the heat of trying to close a big deal. Salespeople, unfortunately, are not wired to use time effectively. Too many salespeople see time as something that is endless. This perspective can help your level of sales motivation, but it also can destroy your sales motivation if you are not wise.

Time must be used effectively. I’m a big proponent of knowing the profitability of each of your customers so that you can fire your low-profit customers. It’s simple: Your low-profit customers are preventing you from spending time on high-profit customers and/or developing new customers. This is similar to the way some salespeople spend time chasing prospects that are really just suspects. If a prospect is not willing to share with you some piece of proprietary information about themselves or their company, then they’re simply a suspect. You need to limit the amount of time you spend with them. The best way to keep your level of sales motivation high is by spending your time in a productive manner.

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