We’re quickly coming to the end of another year and it means you need to be focused against making your year-end sales number. With about 10 weeks to go, this is the time of year when I see a lot of salespeople suddenly packing it in and shutting down. No matter where you are in terms of making or not making your number, now is the not time to be packing it in. If you do, you are saying good-bye to 20% of the year. The amount of business to be had is significant.

It’s at this time of year when you need to become even more concerned with how you spend your time. Allocate your time to spending 40% of your time on existing customers to secure as much additional business this year as you can. Next, spend 45% of your time on prospects that have potential to give you business this year. Finally, spend the remaining 15% on business that won’t materialize until next year. By allocating your time in a very specific manner, you will keep yourself from seeing your sales motivation decline because you’re not seeing results. There is business out there. I have been saying this entire year, the economy is creating significant opportunities that did not exist a year ago.

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