What would your business look like if you were to grow it 10x?

To be able to pull it off and — yes, you can do it! — you need to be incredibly focused.

Start by taking individual components of your sales process and look to build each one of them 10x.

Below is a list of 10 things you can start focusing on now, but I will strongly say do not work on all 10 at one time. Take one and master it before moving on.

I would much rather do a couple of things exceptionally well than slog through many things with feeble mediocrity.

1. Be deliberate in asking each customer for a referral.

The best leads you’ll ever get are the ones that come from other satisfied customers.

2. Develop a higher priced option you share with your customer.

Showing them a higher price option first will allow them to view your regular offer as being very affordable.   If they do take the higher price option, great! Either way you win.

3. Double the frequency you contact your prospects.

Your time will be better spent doubling the number of times you reach out to a prospect, compared to doubling the number of prospects you’re trying to reach. Depth is better than breadth when it comes to prospecting.

4. Never close a sale without adding on something else.

The additional “yes” you want the customer to make will never come easier.

5. Partner with two other salespeople who sell to customers similar to yours.

Compare notes and share leads as a way to identify high potential leads faster.

6. Drop your problem customers.

We all have them — the customers who take way too much of our time for the amount of business we get today or could get in the future.

7. Never allow yourself to associate with negative people.

This might mean changing when you’re in the office, or who you have lunch with. Negative people are only capable of one thing — spreading negativity.

8. Commit to stay in touch with all of your customers after they buy from you.

Continually be on the look out for ways you can sell additional items to them.   Keep your customers engaged, not to monopolize your time, but rather to allow you to gain insight of strategic opportunities you can help them with.

9. Speed up your prospecting process by looking to close faster with customers, even if that means a lower quantity.

You’ll be farther ahead selling a lower amount sooner than struggling to sell a bigger quantity later.

10. Accept full-ownership of your sales process, realizing your most valuable assets are your time, mind and network.




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