leadershipAre you leading or are you merely managing?

Are you truly allowing those you lead and customers to whom you sell to achieve a higher level of outcome?

The foundation of leadership is trust and respect, neither of which can occur without integrity.   Without integrity to create the trust and respect, there is little chance those being led will ever be all they can be.

We may want to believe we can create trust and respect quickly, but the challenge is it doesn’t take on any level of true worth if there is zero integrity. Challenge we all face is integrity takes a lifetime to build and can be lost in a second.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Shep Hyken and be interviewed for his show, Amazing Business Radio and discuss leadership in depth.

In the interview, I walk through the LEADERSHIP acronym, and Shep and I dig into not only what leadership is, but also how to do it.

As you listen to the show, take notes and challenge yourself to assess your own leadership to identify specific actions you can take to up your game.

Leadership is not managing things. It’s leading people.  I encourage you to share this audio with those you lead.





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