Tim Sanders is one of the good guys.

Tim and I have had the chance to get to know each other on several occasions and share ideas. Currently, we’re both assisting Salesforce with their latest sales insight website. I suggest you check that site out for sure!

DealStormingToday I want to share with you a couple of quick thoughts as to why you need to buy Tim’s new book, Dealstorming.

Sales has become far more complicated in the last few years, and the typical quick easy sale has given way to the large, complex, team sale.

We can argue all we want about why things have changed, but we will still arrive at the reality that things have indeed changed!

That’s why I suggest you reading Tim’s book.

Dealstorming is your roadmap to equip you in tackling the big sale that requires multiple people to be involved on your side of the table.

Tim walks you through the process, but more than that, with each step he shares a story that brings it to life.   His stories are from his own experience, and you’ll quickly find out when you read the book that he’s had quite a journey.

The companies with which he has worked, partnered and done deals are heavy-hitters, and that is what validates the book.

When Tim asked me to help him get his book out, I said, “Sure! Happy to assist!”  But the real person I’m assisting isn’t Tim. It’s you, as I know you’ll find Tim’s book to be such a valuable tool!

After you’ve bought the book, drop me a note. Let me know your thoughts and I’ll be sure to pass them along to Tim!




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