Many executives actually believe that motivational sales speakers can solve all of their problems and suddenly turn their organization around in just a quick, neat speech. I have received a number of inquiries recently from CEOs that have called me in a state of panic thinking I’ll be able to comply. Sure, I think my message is good, and yes, I passionately believe I can make a difference in a company. However, it’s crazy to think that a CEO can bring somebody in from the outside, have them stand up in front of the employees, wave some magic wand, and, poof, life will be good. A motivational sales speaker is dependent on top management to help reinforce the message after they’re gone. They make a fatal mistake if they do not show up to hear me, but instead choose to sit back in their office and complain that every ill in the company is due to sales. If they want a motivational sales speaker to walk on water, then senior management needs to make sure they’re right there with me. Sometimes, the only one that needs motivating is management.

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