Cold-calling requires both focus and a plan.  Yet, for many salespeople, it’s a disaster (to put it mildly). 

An example:  Last week, I recieved a cold-call from a person who began by giving me his name, the name of his company, and then asking me how my day was going.  I didn’t recognize his name or the name of his company, and the question he asked me was both lame and totally scripted.   After my less than enthusiastic response, he asked me if I received the package he sent me in the mail the middle of December.  At this point, I was saying to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding…I have no clue who I’m talking to and I have no clue what he sent me.  Nor do I care.” 

This was a classic busted play of a cold-call.  When I told him I had no clue what I received in the mail several weeks ago, the caller seemed shocked.   I was blown away by his comment.  Consider the fact that we had Christmas, New Year’s, and numerous other distractions over the past month.  In addition, what he sent me was nothing more than some lousy, cheap promotional items he thought I should buy for my clients. 

If your cold-calling strategy is linked to a mailing, then don’t do what this guy did and allow too much time to lapse between the mailing and the call.  Secondly, don’t start the call with a stupid, scripted question.  Third, don’t expect me or anyone else to give a rip when you tell me your company name, especially when it’s doubtful I’ve ever heard of it before.

Cold-calling is an art.  It takes practice and it takes a professional.  When you do it right, it can dramatically increase your business. 

It’s a shame that the salesperson who called hung up on me before I could tell him to listen to my audio program on cold-calling.  He could have used it.  (Check it out by following the link on my homepage: www.TheSalesHunter.com.)  I predict that his sales motivation will never be much higher than the carpet you walk on.  I’m sure within a few months he’ll be moving on to a different job if he doesn’t realize his current strategy has no chance of winning and actively seeks some telephone sales training.

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