It’s here — the 2nd half of the year is starting in just a few hours!

Hey, I want you to keep pushing to grab all you can this half, but let me push you to look at a few things to adjust to increase your 2nd half results.

Take a few minutes and take this “sales exam” to help you know where to focus your efforts.

How many of the questions you ask your customers are time sensitive?   The more you can get the customer to think about the value of time, the more success you’ll have in closing the sale now.

What are two activities you need to stop doing to give yourself more time to make phone calls?  The amount of time salespeople spend doing “stuff” drives me crazy. The only measurement you need to be tracking is what % of your day is spent talking to customers.

Who are your 5 best prospects for the 2nd half? What is your plan for closing them fast? Schedule the time on your calendar to get it done.

What customers have truly big opportunities you can secure in the 2nd half?  Who are the other people you need to be working with to get it done? What are the resources you need?

The first month of the new half is your best time to get these big deals moving, as you’ll need the time. Thinking you can start working on these later in the half is only going to set you up for year-end problems.

What customers can you get your boss and/or other senior company leaders involved with during July? Be proactive and get your leadership in front of customers during the summer when surprisingly many customers have more time for these types of meetings.

Your managers will help you open up new doors and uncover new opportunities you can then use the remaining 5 months of the year to close.

What customers and prospects do you need to quit spending time with? Be brutally honest. Just because they’re fun people to talk to or great to hang out with doesn’t cut it. If they can’t generate profitable sales for you, then you’re losing money. Cut the dead wood out of your week to give you more time to prospect.

Get a coach! I can’t stress this enough.

Have you ever seen a pro athlete who doesn’t have a coach or coaches? No, they’re pros and as a result they know they need a coach.  I’m opening the door right now for you to be part of my coaching program,  but the door is closing in a few hours so you’ll need to move fast.

I look forward to helping you make the 2nd half your best half ever. Click on the below link:

Yes, Mark! I Want to Know About this Incredible Coaching Opportunity!

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