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"The Sales Hunter" 

"If you weren't on the edge of your seat, you were in a coma."

" of the top speakers we've ever had."

"Mark's strategies are innovative and easy to follow..."

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High Profit Selling Keynote Speech Summary

Mark presented "Accelerate Your Sales Prospecting" at the February 2015 Institute for Excellence in Sales program in Northern Virginia. He nailed it and gave the 150 selling professionals and business owners in attendance amazing tips, strategies and tactics they could implement that day. The sales leaders at our program universally acknowledged Mark as one of the top speakers we've ever had.

Fred Diamond 
Executive Director
Mark AllenRegional Manager

At our annual company sales meeting we' ve never seen a speaker work so hard, with advance preparation, with such genuine style of delivery, and with such hunger for results. If you weren't on the edge of your were in a coma. Period! i

Danielle Pakradooni
Director of National Marketing & Sales 

Mark’s strategies are innovative, easy to follow and easy to use in the ‘real world.’ He customized his strategies to directly speak to the issues and challenges facing our unique business, and he helped us encompass specific selling examples. This training was very applicable to our sales staff, both at a senior and junior level, as it reinforced important sales techniques.”

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