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Keynote testimonials

“If you’re looking for a high-profit global speaker, trainer, or sales consultant, Mark is your guy. He cares about the sales profession deeply, and it’s apparent in all his work. Hiring Mark is the difference-maker for your business to excel in sales leadership and service today.”

Doug Lehman

Lehman’s Terms

“Mark presented ‘Accelerate Your Sales Prospecting’ at the February 2015 Institute for Excellence in Sales program in northern VA. He nailed it and gave the 150 selling professionals and business owners in attendance amazing tips, strategies and tactics they could implement that day. The sales leaders at our program universally acknowledged Mark as one of the top speakers we’ve had.”

Fred Diamond

Executive Director

“All the advisors liked Mark very much! Very well done!”

Jared Faltys

Retirement Plan Consultants LLC, McMill CPAs & Advisors

“His insights, passion, enthusiasm and stage presence make him a truly great speaker.”

Tim Clarke

Senior Director, Salesforce

Mark Hunter is one of the best people on social media teaching about Sales. Mark travels everywhere to teach everything sales. If you aren’t already following him, I would strongly recommend you do.”

Julian Caldwell

CIO, Talent Plus Inc

“We measured the results and found the 200 new hires Mark trained were outpacing our existing team 3:1!”

Executive Leader


“JB+A had our best revenue year in 2014 in the 14-year history of our company and partly due to you and your recommendations! Thanks for your help. We still go back to your eight concrete and practical recommendations and are using them. Your fan!”

Jeffrey Byrne
Jeffrey Byrne & Associates Inc

“Recently I rewatched Mark Hunter’s presentation at the University of Texas at Dallas Sales Leadership Summit in 2019. As someone just starting their career, it was refreshing to see reasons given for the mistakes I have already made and why trust is currency. I also learned a new perspective on why to sell with urgency and qualify early. I can’t wait for the next Summit!”

Brandon Agee
Sales Professional

Book testimonials

“[High-Profit Prospecting is a] fantastic book that breaks down how to be successful in sales by giving you a road map that gets you to the endgame of planning for high-profit customers. Learn how to plan, how to identify what defines high profit and how to convert prospects to customers. Heck ya! Great read!”

Trish Bertuzzi

The Bridge Group, Inc.

“If your income relies on new business, you need to get and use High-Profit Prospecting. Mark Hunter gives hundreds of proven tips, scripts and processes to find, get through to, and sell to new customers. Get it and implement it, and you’ll see your new sales and income increase dramatically.”

Art Sobczak

Author of Smart Calling

“The most intimidating part of sales is not the presentation, but rather the initial contact. Mark Hunter has mastered this and lays out a process for you to do the same [in A Mind for Sales]. Your income will increase when you read and apply this book. If all you do is implement a portion of what you learn, you will still generate more business. So stop reading the endorsements and dig in! Get this wisdom now while you can make a difference for yourself and your customers.”

Jim Cathcart

Author of Relationship Selling

I love your title ‘A Mind for Sales‘. No doubt the very future and success we all seek must first start in the way we think and what we accept as real in our lives. The mind is the driver in our sales effort and we are the master of what goes into it be it success or failure… the choice is ours. So, thanks for giving so much to our profession. P.S. Best $12 bucks I ever invested for your audios. What a return.”


A Mind for Sales reader

Online learning testimonials

Prospecting Masterclass

“I used one of your techniques and have an appointment set up this afternoon!”


“I have an absolute phobia about selling!! And these are the best mind-changing tips/guidelines I have seen. I am even excited in spite of this mortal terror!”

The Sales Hunter University

“I really like your classes. The how-to and templates you provide make it easy to put the concepts into action.”


I am just speechless whenever I read your books or anything you wrote on the Internet. [It] gives me this excitement to want to learn more and more. Thank you.”

Email Prospecting Masterclass

“The email/phone marketing suggestions are great. My team put some into practice and we saw an increased response from prospects that previously were not responding… I plan to register for more of your courses.”

Following Up Masterclass

“It is always great to work with someone who has carried the bag and not only teaches but practices his methodologies in driving business for his own consulting practice. It’s one thing to teach it; it is another to live it. Mark does both!”

“In my conversations with Mark, I can tell he is a sharp thinker with a caring heart. He works for and thinks about his clients like their business is his. His understanding of the sales process is broad, so he can see it from beginning to end.”

Sales Consultant

“Mark Hunter is a world-class sales professional. His ‘Sales Hunter’ sales philosophy and methodology are based on his real-world experiences. The information he shares with audiences reflects his many years of applying his successful sales practices.”

Business Networking Guru

“Mark is the consummate salesman! His techniques and time-tested strategies have made him one of the superstars of selling for years. It’s no wonder why so many companies count on Mark to increase sales.”

Small Business Owner