business meetingWhy should they?  Quit talking about what you have and start talking about what they want.

We show up at a sales call with pretty pictures, a list of facts and other stuff the customer couldn’t care less about.

This is not to say this type of information is not important. It is important, but only when used at the right time. The problem is most salespeople use this type of information at the wrong time.

Customers care about their needs and what they want.

Your entire time with the customer must be focused on understanding their needs.  Your information should only come into play when it is helpful for them to be able to understand their needs better.

Don’t use your information as a way to make yourself appear more confident.

Use the questions you ask the customer as a way for you to demonstrate your confidence.  By asking them questions, you’re then going to begin the process of understanding what they’re looking for.

Customers are far smarter than most salespeople realize.  This is due to the amount of time many customers will spend doing research on the internet before even talking with a salesperson.

Use the knowledge they’ve gained to your advantage.  Respect such knowledge and then use your questions to help build on it.

When we shift the sales process to be customer oriented with them doing the talking, it’s amazing how much more confident the customer becomes, because they are gaining confidence in your ability to understand their needs.

Use your information and facts only as a tool to help them narrow the decision process or to clarify specific issues.  Don’t use your information to control the discussion. If you do, you will miss out on understanding what the customer truly desires.

The customer is the one doing the buying, not you.  Let them guide the discussion and you’ll be far more likely to walk away with a profitable sale.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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