It might be easy to set goals, but achieving them is a whole other game.

We know it’s absolutely critical, but it’s still hard to do. Let’s walk through ten things that could be getting in the way of your success right now.

Once you identify the roadblock to your success, it’s much easier to avoid it.

1. Unreasonable

We want to have goals that stretch us—no doubt about that. But what happens when we make unreasonable goals is we quickly become disenchanted. 

We see this so often with sales quotas that are unreasonably high. A salesperson might get part way through the quarter, give up, and say, “Well, I’m just going to work for it the next quarter.” 

2. No commitment

A goal you make without a commitment is not a goal. 

The commitment needs to be that you understand what it’s going to take to achieve that goal.

3. Failure to believe

If there’s no commitment and it’s unreasonable, disbelief is almost certain. 

I’ve got to believe in the goal and the strategy for how I’m going to achieve it.

4. Review and plan

When you set a goal, you create a plan, but you also have to review your plan. 

Most salespeople set a goal and then they never look at it again. Then they wonder why at the end of the period they haven’t achieved their goal—because they didn’t review it! 

Review your plan daily, because you’ve got to stay focused. 

5. Time concerns

Sometimes people will set goals and they’re fine, but there just isn’t enough time to get it done. I’ve got to understand the time concerns. How is this goal going to fit in with everything else that I’ve got going on? 

Never create a goal without looking at the big picture.

You may have a goal that’s a subset of something bigger, but how does that fit into the bigger picture? And is there time to be able to achieve it?

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6. Lack of a role model


I want to have a role model of others who I can look to who have been able to accomplish similar goals successfully. 

I don’t want to look at somebody who just ‘poofs’ their way through and achieves their goals. Rather, I want to look at somebody who actually had to struggle a little bit.

That tells me that if I encounter problems, it’s okay. I can make it through.

7. Accountability

You have to be accountable. A goal that is not shared is not a goal. 

If you’re going to achieve a goal, you have to be willing to be held accountable to it. This is not just your boss. This is a peer group—other people who are going to help you stay on course via guidance and direction.

Unfortunately, most people just don’t feel comfortable with that type of relationship with their boss.

The more accountability I have, the greater the probability is that I’m going to achieve that goal. 

8. Poor focus

Poor focus comes into play because we allow ourselves to get distracted. 

Distracted—why? Because you’re not reviewing your goal daily. Because you don’t have any accountability, or don’t understand the time concerns involved. Perhaps you lack a role model

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9. Small steps

We can’t expect to accomplish goals in one fell swoop. 

Key goals are achieved through the small steps done daily.

You want to break your goal down into very small pieces, and as you accomplish those pieces, you celebrate the success of each piece. 

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10. Attitude

I put this number ten very intentionally because I can have the previous nine all in place, but if my attitude’s bad, forget it. 

Attitude isn’t necessarily going to drive everything else. However, attitude is going to help give me the fuel in the engine to keep going when things are tough.

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