Sales is a team sport. Who’s on your team?

Today I have four questions for you to answer, and they’re the kind you’ll want a pen and paper for. 

Take your own answers to these questions and use them to grow and strengthen your sales network. Then, go out and get your copy of The Making of a Mind for Sales: 33 Strategies for Success for more strategies, insight, and motivation.

1. Who can you learn from?

Recently I came out with a book, The Making of A Mind for Sales, designed to get you to take your sales performance to the next level. It’s a short book, but brings you 33 opportunities for growth over a period of 33 days. 

One prompt from the book asks you to identify ten people who you can learn from. 

Write their names down. What do you want to try to learn from them? 

Some of those people may stay on your list year for many, many years. Others may be on your list for a year or two, and then they trade out. That’s okay; I always want you to have people that you’re learning from. 

2. Who are the ten people you intend to impact? 

These are probably going to be customers, or they may not be people that you work with. 

They may be peers that you are connected with through some sort of other organization, whether it be a school PTA, community sports or kids activities, whatever it might be. 

This is what’s cool. If you can identify those ten, then I want you to write down how you will impact them. What will be your method? Your process? It’s amazing, because it changes your focus as to why you do what you do. 

It’s so easy for us in sales to get caught up and just chase the number. But remember, success in sales is dealing with and helping people.

3. Who are the 2-4 people who will help hold you accountable? 

In the book, I talk about how to create a mastermind group. I’ve been part of a mastermind group for a number of years, and there’s five people in my mastermind. We are all very, very accountable to one another. We share with each other our objectives, our goals, our problems, our challenges. Each individual holds the rest accountable. So 

It’s powerful because I am much stronger today as a result of these people I’ve been able to work with. They challenge me, I challenge them.. 

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4. Write down 100 people you want to meet. 


So much of sales is about relationships and connecting. I can’t begin to tell you how many instances there have been people who I met 15 years ago who then introduced me to somebody else, who then introduced me to somebody else somewhere else. And over the years, it has generated seven figures in business for me multiple times over. 

It’s not like every person I meet does that. However, the more connections I have out there, the more I understand how I can help them. It’s not only one-sided. I know that there are several people who I have been able to help tremendously over the years, and I love that. 

A rising tide lifts all boats. 

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