Accountability in sales often gets overlooked as a key trait of top performers. Perhaps because it causes us to look in the mirror. 

However, without accountability, even if you’re at the top, you have little chance of staying there.

Why? I’ve got three groups you should be accountable to, and the reasons why. Accountability goes hand in hand with integrity. So be smart, because your reputation precedes you!

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1. Your customers

This answer seems too obvious, but keep reading!

Our customers indirectly challenge us to gather fresh insights and ideas so that we stay relevant and continuously bring value

Customers want and need someone who knows more than they do. While they might be making these purchasing decisions once every five, seven, or ten years, you’re doing this day in and day out. 

Nevertheless, it’s your responsibility to stay up-to-date, educate yourself, and become a subject matter expert in your field

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your customers looked forward to your calls because of the value you offer? Accountability means you strive to be that kind of professional. 

2. Those in your ecosystem

This means your peers, your coworkers, the people who support you, the people you report to. 

If you fail to be accountable to them, why should they help you? Why should they serve you? 

Without accountability to help others, or treat them the way they should be treated, why should they even think about doing the same to you?

You can be a top performer and go out and sell, but you’ll never sustain it without accountability. Sure, go out and sell, but you’ll never be able to scale it either.

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Moreover, accountability is the basis from which referrals and repeat business originate. 

In fact, let’s take it even a step further. Accountability is the cornerstone of integrity. You see, if we fail to demonstrate accountability, how in the world can we be seen as having integrity? 

3. Yourself

It doesn’t truly start with being accountable to your customers, it starts with being accountable to yourself. 

“Top one percenters” are incredibly disciplined. They’re incredibly focused. Their word is as good as gold. Most of all, they keep their commitments to themselves and to others.

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Excellence is focused around accountability, which breeds discipline and focus. And when you do that, you will be really exhibiting integrity because you’ll be upholding what you believe in, as well as the commitments you’ve made. 

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