Why choose a career in sales? Or why stay in sales? 

Every year there’s a 30% turnover in sales. People come into sales thinking it’s easy money, and then they realize it’s hard. 

It’s one of the reasons I wrote my newest book, The Making of a Mind for Sales, because to be successful in sales, you truly need a mind for sales. In this book, I break down many different pieces about what it takes to be successful

But in today’s blog, I’m going to share with you eight reasons a career in sales is difficult, but worth it. You’ll have to decide for yourself: despite the challenges , is it worth it? I believe it is.

1. Sales is emotional. 

That may scare some of you right there, but let me tell you something. Sales is emotional. 

It’s emotional because you’re dealing with human beings, and you’re interacting with people every day. 

Ask yourself, can I handle the emotional aspect of sales? It requires a certain mindset, because I don’t know how the customer’s going to respond or what their mindset is.

2. Sales is about your attitude. 

The attitude you have going into a sale predetermines the results you get coming out. 

Truly, if you have a negative attitude going in, nothing productive is going to happen at the meeting. But if I go in and say, wait a minute, I’m going to find a way to create something, we’re going to get something to work out—it’s amazing, something does. 

Your attitude impacts your sales dramatically. 

3. Sales is not about what you sell.

It’s not about your product or your service. It’s about helping people. 

I can’t be successful in sales because our product is terrible. Wrong. 

Sales is about why you sell to help people. Have you discovered you why yet?

4. Sales is about helping people. 

This is not some revolutionary new idea. 

When you frame it up in that mindset, it’s amazing how everything changes. What a privilege to be able to help so many!

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5. Sales is about a routine. 

In sales no two days are ever alike. However, top-performing salespeople say that their routine is absolutely boring. They’re absolutely routine-focused. 

So when you think about a career in sales; sure, it’s emotional, it’s about your attitude, but you better be able to have a routine

6. Sales is about rejection. 

You knew that word was going to come up somewhere, didn’t you? 

You’re going to get rejected in sales far more than you’re going to hear ‘yes’.

Great salespeople don’t take it personally, and they learn from it. Why? Just read my next point.

7. Sales is about rewards.

You can make a lot of money and be quite successful. There are a lot of benefits that come with a career in sales, but to get those rewards, you’ve got to be able to put up with the rejection. 

In fact, you’ve got to be able to put up with the routine, and master the right attitude, and all the emotions involved, too. 

Sales is about rewards, but only when you do all the other things. The reason there’s so much turnover in sales is because people forget the other things and they just focus on the rewards. 

8. Sales is about your future. 

There is no limit to the potential success a person can have in sales. They may need to change jobs, they may need to change industries, but there’s no limitation. 

That’s why I like a career in sales, and I think it’s the best profession out there.

I’m committed to help you have a brilliant future in sales and I’m committed to helping you so you can help your customers. Check out my new book The Making of a Mind for Sales and get 33 strategies for success. I know this will be a great help for many salespeople.


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