What’s your answer?  Be honest with yourself when you answer.  I hate to say it, but I suspect going to a casino may very well be more productive.  At least by going to the casino, you may have some fun if you enjoy gambling.

Look at the results you achieve with your prospecting, and I bet the odds are worse than you’d find playing roulette. For some of you, your results may even be worse than slot machines. We need to be honest with ourselves and realize that’s a crazy way to make a living.  If our odds are worse than a casino, there’s little chance we’ll be in sales for very long. Maybe this helps to explain the high turnover that exists in the profession.

Below are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

Is my process built on activity or achieving results?   We can’t rely on numbers to tell the story. It’s the story behind the numbers that counts.

What is the role of time in my process?  We have to look at this from two sides — our side and how we use our time and the prospect’s side and the level of time we’re expecting from them.

Do we even know who our perfect customer is?  If we can’t identify our perfect customer, then we’ll never be able to describe our perfect prospect.

Can I identify and put a value on the top 5 outcomes I help customers achieve?   It’s not what we sell that matters; it’s why we sell that counts. And if we don’t know the value of the outcomes we provide, we will never be anything other than a desperate salesperson.

Where does prospecting fall in my list of responsibilities?  Nothing contributes to sales frustration more than being torn between too many priorities.   Solution lies not in having too many priorities. It lies in how you structure your time.

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