When I’m delivering a training session on this subject of sales leadership, I always ask people to think of who in their life exemplifies sales leadership.   My goal is to get the participants to have in their mind a first-hand memory of a sales leader.

This simple activity allows people to begin seeing behavior they should exhibit.

Who in your life would you say is a role model for sales leadership?  What makes them a great role model?   What is it about them that you like and how can you take those same actions and apply them to your life?

Leadership is a series of activities, and I know as I look at sales leaders who have influenced me the most, I see traits I can mirror.  Your objective is to write down the names of no fewer than 3 sales leaders you hold in high regard.  Next to their names, write the traits you’ve seen them live out.  This simple process will give you a roadmap by which you can build your leadership skills.

With the list of names and traits in hand, your goal is to then take one trait at a time and work on it. Don’t attempt to work on all the traits at once. Doing so will overwhelm you, and you’ll wind up not doing anything. Focusing on one trait at a time will allow you to focus your efforts.  When you feel you are exhibiting the trait near to the level of the person’s name you wrote down, then move to the next one.

The process is not hard. It merely takes focus and a willingness to self-analyze your actions.  Carry out the process, and you’ll find your name being the one others around you write down as a sales leader from whom they can learn.

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