What did you learn this week that you can share with your customers next week?  What did you learn this week that you can use next week to improve your sales process?   What sacred cow did you see this week that you can butcher next week?

Ask yourself these three questions each week. If you’re a sales manager, make these three questions mandatory for each of your salespeople to answer each week.   Share the answers. Even more importantly, build on the responses of others.  Failure comes from not changing, and if we don’t challenge ourselves each week, then we’re destined to not see change. Even more disturbing is that we won’t be in a position to impact change for our good.

I like to refer to this as dealing with our “legacy beliefs.” These are beliefs that for some reason we wind up clinging to far too long. When we do this, they become imbedded into our sales process and sales culture and they drive our sales motivation.   Each week, opportunities emerge; however, few are capable of seeing them only because they do not have a mindset that is willing to challenge their own thinking.

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