Evaluate your purpose. Set your course.

I was sitting in a meeting last week with sales managers who were complaining about how their salespeople were all over the place in terms of what they were doing and more importantly what they were not getting accomplished.  It suddenly hit me how these salespeople were struggling with a lack of purpose and if they didn’t know what their purpose was in the sales process, then how could they set their course?

A person’s level of sales motivation is directly tied to their sense of purpose, and when people are not clearly focused against a very tight set of goals, they leave too much open for chance.   Success comes to those who are not wandering aimlessly… that would be called luck.  Success comes from those who have a clear purpose and have then taken the time to determine the course of actions they need to take to fulfill that purpose.

How focused are you?  What are your goals?  Can you clearly define what your purpose is and the course you’re going to take to make it happen?   It’s sad to say but I find less than 5% of all salespeople can clearly articulate answers to those questions.    It’s pretty obvious to then draw the conclusion that the top performing 5% of all salespeople are those who can clearly and concisely answer those questions.

Your clarity of purpose and course drive your sales motivation, and your sales motivation drives your purpose and course. There are too many sales opportunities out there waiting to be realized by the salesperson who clearly knows what their purpose is.  Great Selling!

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