changeHow can we expect things to be different in 2014 if wind up doing things the same way we did them in 2013?

Personally, I’ve been struggling with this the last month and here’s what I’ve noticed.

One, you can’t expect to change unless you have a mindset and a desire to change.  I was comparing notes with another person last week and I could tell from the way they approached things that they had zero desire to change.

Sure, that’s fine if everything is perfect and nothing in your world changes, but let’s get real — that’s not reality.

Challenge yourself on a regular basis with the following question. “What needs to change in what I do to achieve a significantly superior outcome?”

Second, the best ideas come from outside your comfort zone.

In speaking with a leader of a national organization earlier in the week, I was struck by his comment about how he viewed change.  His view was to not expect change to come from within but to expect it from the outside.

Bigger yet was how he viewed change as only being change if it was truly disruptive.  To him evolving the business model isn’t change. That’s simply the way things are. To him change is disruptive to everyone and everything.

Think about that in your own world and you’ll come away thinking how that belief system is a paradigm buster.

Third thing I noticed when watching the productivity of a person I respect immensely.

While sitting in a meeting discussing ideas, she was not just discussing them but simultaneously strategizing how to take them to the next level and implement them immediately.  In her world, thinking about ideas and change is simply not good enough.  To her the ideas had zero value until they were implemented.

I’ve shared with you three things I saw in people I’ve met with just in the last week.

Reason I’m sharing these with you is to encourage all of us to not be content, but to be open to change.  Key is in using the insights of the people we come in contact with to help generate the breakthrough ideas we need now.

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