VIDEO: Sales Prospecting Success Requires Right Use of Time

You won’t be successful sales prospecting if you don’t use your time correctly. Too many salespeople spend too much time on people who really don’t have a potential to buy.

My suggestion is you put your sales prospects in three categories: Broad, Targeted and Tight.

Check out the below video to see how this works — and how following this approach could revolutionize your sales prospecting effectiveness.

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1 thought on “VIDEO: Sales Prospecting Success Requires Right Use of Time”

  1. I agree with Paul’s description and asmsnesest of the sales function, but would like to add that the same dynamics are at work in all other creative enterprises. Entertainment, sports, fund raising, design and any competitive enterprise relies on motivated, energized performers, and the combination of energy and motivation is rebuilt during the short periods of down time. Besides that, some of the better performers in the relationship professions are actually working when they appear to be relaxing, talking, even goofing off. It’s those relationships built during short down times that are leveraged when the real competition begins.

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