If you wait until the day starts to plan your day, you will never accomplish what you need to do.

This applies to anyone in business, but it is especially critical to those in sales.  Where it really becomes an issue is with prospecting.

Sales prospecting and, in particular, spending time reaching out to people you don’t know is difficult for most people to do.  Unless you’re prepared to actually do this, it’s amazing how easy it is to not do it.

Sales prospecting must be planned, and when I say planned, I mean the exact details of who is going to be called and what is going to discussed. This includes your talking points, benefit statements and questions.

The best time to do all of this is the day before you’re actually going to make those calls.  This is why I say “tomorrow starts today.”   We have to plan ahead if we’re going to do it.

Before you end each day, take the time and be very deliberate in planning how you will spend your selling time tomorrow.  This means not only planning how you will handle existing accounts, but also how you will spend your prospecting time.

Once you have your plan developed as to who you’re going to contact and what you are going to say, go one step further and block the time on your calendar.   Again, it’s important to be deliberate and schedule the time. This will prevent others from putting something else on your calendar for that time period. Also, if it is scheduled, you’ll be much more likely to follow through.

The only asset you have that is truly limited is your time.

If you choose to not use time wisely, then you can’t blame anyone but yourself for your lack of success.

If, on the other hand, you use your time efficiently, you’ll be far more likely to achieve success.

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