Ever wish you had the insider secrets used by top sales performers?

Wish granted: here are 10 secrets from the Top Sales Performer playbook. 

How many of these habits do you already practice? More importantly…which ones can you improve?

1. Clear short and long-term goals

Clear goals have a plan behind them. 

Top sales performers think both short and long-term, and they’re very clear with how they’re going to go there.

What am I going to do this quarter? This year? In the next five years?

2. Weekly, daily outcome schedule 

This is different from just to-dos. These are outcomes they intend to achieve, developed on a weekly basis and refined each day. 

For example: I want to have three three conversations today. I want to set up two sales calls this week. 

They’re very specific and they build their action steps. In other words, to achieve this outcome, what do I have to do? What are the questions I’m going to have to ask? The information I’m going to need? What is it I’m going to share? 

Still, they’re focused on the outcome, not necessarily on the steps.

3. Repetitive tasks

This is how top performers get more done in a day, because they literally do the same thing over and over and over again. They have repetitive tasks that they know when they go into any customer interaction. For example, the steps in order to get ready for that sales call, or when they come out of a sales call. 

They don’t leave anything to chance, plus it helps them be far more efficient.

4. Start and end of day routine

This is very key because if I start the day strong, it’s amazing how much more focused I am—and how much more I’m going to accomplish! 

Similarly, I end the day by putting a bow on it. Top performers analyze the day and they set themselves up for the next day. 

I know top performers that when they end the day, they know exactly who they’re going to be reaching out to the next day; the calls they’re going to make, the questions they’re going to ask, the CTA, (call to action) they’re going to be looking for. They have everything put in place, because they have a very set routine.

5. A winning mindset

They know things aren’t always going to go right. Things can fall apart! That’s okay. 

The winning mindset does one thing: power through. They always look to find success, and they know that much of their success is because of failures they’ve had. However, they don’t allow failures to remain as failures. Instead, they see failures as opportunities to build on, learn from, and that’s what drives them to have that winning mindset.

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6. Peer support group

Some kind of a peer support group or a mastermind group is a game changer. 

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’d know I have a mastermind group and I love it because we support each other, we challenge each other, we push each other, but it helps keep us on track. 

7. Ownership

They don’t pass the blame. They take ownership of everything. 

When something doesn’t go right, they don’t say, “Oh, well, that’s because of what that person did.” No, they take ownership and their customers love them for that.

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8. Strong support team

Sure, any top performer may not have any people reporting to them, but they have customer success, customer service, all these other teams, and they nurture them. They create a strong support team out of these colleagues who in turn will help support them. 

They love on them, help them, get those people on their side because a rising tide lifts all boats. 

9. Regular assessments

At the end of the week, they assess their week, and likewise for the end of the month and end of quarter. 

Why? To look for: how do I do things more efficiently and effectively? Who should come out of my pipeline? Who should go in my pipeline? Are there some questions I should be asking? Is there other information I need to learn?

10. Massive curiosity

They’re always looking to learn something new. In fact, top performers challenge themselves every day to learn something new. By doing so, they become even more valuable at their job. 

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