Yes, stupidity is a sales virtue.

I’ve used it for years with tremendous success.

The reason I say stupidity is a sales virtue is it drives us to ask questions, to be open for new ideas, and to be continually learning.

During the last several months, I’ve spoken to a number of audiences large and small across a number industries, and the common thread I see is a willingness among top performers to admit they’re stupid.

When we’re stupid and willing to acknowledge we need to correct the situation, it’s amazing what can happen.

Overcoming stupidity occurs on multiple levels, but in each case it begins with yourself and how you see things.

The salesperson who views everything in an arrogant manner with ego to boot is certainly not going to view themselves as stupid.  If a person want’s to take that approach, they’re more than welcome to, but they will also need to realize their current level is as good as they’re going to be.  They obviously aren’t willing to learn from others.

The person who sees stupidity as a sales virtue is going to be open to asking questions and learning all the time, regardless of the situation.

Using stupidity as a sales virtue means never allowing a day to go by without learning something new and knowing the learning can come at anytime.

Being open to absorb ideas and information by being inquisitive with everyone is truly the best way to leverage stupidity and turn it into a huge asset.

When we’re open to continuous learning both while we’re with a customer and in everything else, it’s amazing what we can learn.

Top performing salespeople realize they may have been able to get to the top based on yesterday’s results, but there’s no way those same results will keep them there tomorrow.

Are you now in agreement about stupidity being a sales virtue?

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