Your sales motivation is up to you!  I have to vent after watching a few too many football games this past week.  Monday night, the Baltimore Ravens had a clear chance at beating the undefeated New England Patriots, but they self-destructed in the end.  They lost their focus and were not working as a team.  I saw the same thing happen with the Oregon Ducks in their game against their number one rival, the Oregon State Beavers, as well as the Washington Huskies in their game against undefeated Hawaii. 

In each of these situations, victory was at hand, they had the potential, the will, and the drive.  In each case, they blew it because of their failure to remain totally focused as a team.  This also can happen in sales.  We’re so close to securing a big deal that we suddenly overlook something, begin to doubt our capabilities, and allow ourselves to be overtaken by the forces in our own mind.

The greatest salesperson that ever lived is the person you look at everyday in the mirror.  You should never allow yourself to ever believe someone else is better or you’re inferior.  You are the reason for your success.  It’s your own sales motivation that will drive you.  No matter what the situation, never give up believing in yourself and in your ability to close the next sale.

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