Selling to purchasing departments can suck the sales motivation out of nearly anyone. Purchasing departments are trained to be tough and aggressive in terms of how they deal with salespeople. There’s nothing wrong with that — they’re only doing what they’re supposed to. The key is to not let it impact your sales motivation. Treat purchasing departments with respect, but at the same time don’t let them push you. Purchasing agents are trained to push salespeople, and they do this to see who they can take advantage of. It’s your job to show confidence in everything you do and say. When you show confidence, they will then pursue other salespeople because they’re job is to merely save their company money. To do that, they will go after those salespeople or companies they view as soft targets. I’ve done a couple of podcasts on this subject and I highly recommend you download them from iTunes. It’s free motivation for you. Just search The Sales Hunter.

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