Salespeople are paid to sell benefits, not explain features.

This is so basic, and yet I’m amazed at how many salespeople focus on features rather than the benefits. If what you’re saying doesn’t positively impact your customer’s business or life, then what you’re talking about is a feature. The important thing is no matter how much you may say something is a benefit, until the customer mentions it, then it’s not a benefit in which they are interested. I tell salespeople continually to be listening for what the customer is saying and only use those benefits they mention as benefits to close the sale on.

An example of this is when you as a salesperson talk about how your product can make the customer’s business more efficient. This may sound like a wonderful benefit, but if the customer doesn’t view efficiency as a benefit, then it’s not one you can close on. On the other hand, if the customer tells you how efficiency is important to them, then you know it’s a benefit you can zero in on and ultimately use as an avenue to close the sale.

You are paid to sell benefits, not explain features.

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